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Tuesday, January 23, 2018
By Sandeen Photography
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From time to time we travel for our Senior Photo shoots, and that was the case with Zach Martin. Having the run of a golf course in Clarion Iowa is MUCH easier than getting onto one here in Ankeny. Zach has been working at the golf course and taking full advantage of his fringe benefits. 3:00 in the afternoon was the perfect time for us to sneak on, and create some cool images that really brought out Zach's personality. Oh, forgot to mention, this kid can chip almost to a dime on the green. I'be been involved with photographing pros and amateur golfers over the past few years, and Zach truly has a talent and love for the game that is unique. Photographing athletes in their elements are one of my favorite things to do.


Just when I thought that the locations couldn't get more impressive, we headed over to their family's beautifully landscaped home. Waterfall, trees, wild tall grass, just very very impressive location. More importantly, it was a part of where he grew up. Locations are one thing, but meaningful elements turn it into something so much more in the end. 


The album we were able to put together was worth the trip alone. Zach had such a variety of looks and interests, it was truly the best way to display his images. Below are a few spread samples of what we put together.

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