Photography is more than smiles and pretty pictures. It reminds us of what we've forgotten, tell us where we've been, and shows what we've accomplished. Life is a process, photography is an experience. Embrace the process, enjoy the experience.

I'm Ted, Owner/Photographer at Sandeen Photography in Ankeny, Iowa. I specialize in High School Senior Portraits, Head Shots, and Sports Team Portraits. I am also the husband to my best friend, Stephanie.

The I do's, celebrating graduation, the game winning shot, these moments are here and gone in an instant. But photography, good photography, allows these moments to be savored. Our family always made a habit of pulling out old albums at get togethers and before you know it, the history comes pouring out of everyone. I've found that being able to do that for my clients, with our own creative angle, is very rewarding.

Aside from my photography, I spend time with my wife exploring new restaurants, traveling, ISU athletics, family gatherings, netflix binging, and taking in many football games.

I would love to hear from you about your photography needs and how we can customize it to fit you. Feel free to shoot me a call, or send me a note to the address below.

Ted Sandeen